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Yearning for Talents! Full Text of Shijiazhuang’s 15 New Policies for Talents (Chinese-English Version)
中共石家庄市委办公室 石家庄市人民政府办公室《关于深入实施新时代人才强市战略的若干措施(试行)》 
“Measures for In-depth Implementation of the Strategy of Strengthening the City with Talents in the New Era (Trial)” by Office of the CPC Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and Office of Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government
In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of important speeches and instructions given by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee during his inspection of Hebei and Shijiazhuang, and conscientiously inherit and comprehend the essence of the "Nine Measures for Talent" launched by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his work in Zhengding, as well as comprehensively implement the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee for talent work, great efforts should be made to enforce the talent-oriented and innovation-driven development strategy in the new era, selecting talents not limiting to one pattern and converging talents from all over the world, in a bid to provide strong intellectual support for the accelerated development of a modern and internationalized beautiful provincial capital city. To this end, the following measures are formulated.
The selection of talents mainly focuses on the following two directions. First, high-level talents introduced by Shijiazhuang City's employing unit,including enterprises based in Shijiazhuang directly under the central or provincial management. Such talents mainly include: Nobel Prize winners, academicians, candidates of key talent projects selected at the provincial and ministerial level and above, academic leaders in national key disciplines and key laboratories, principal investigators of national science and technology projects and engineering projects, and key contributors who have won first prizes or higher in provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards (top three at the national level, and the first contributor at the provincial and ministerial level). Second, high-level talents urgently needed for the economic and social development of Shijiazhuang City, especially outstanding talents in the new generation of electronic information, biomedicine, advanced equipment manufacturing, modern food, and modern trade and logistics industries.
Introducing high-level talents. High-level talents who work full-time in Shijiazhuang City will be granted a one-time subsidy up to 10 million yuan for research and development funds and 2 million yuan for settling in addition to enjoying the support policies of Hebei Province; winners of China Skills Award, national technical experts and other "master-level" high-skill talents who work full-time in Shijiazhuang City will be granted a one-time subsidy up to 1 million yuan.
2. Upgrading the talent green card system. Graduates from Double First-Class universities and other talents who meet the conditions of the city talent green card B will be eligible for a monthly rental subsidy of 3,000 yuan for doctoral degree holders, 1,500 yuan for master's degree holders, and 1,000 yuan for bachelor's degree holders within 5 years. Those who purchase their first set of self-occupied commercial housing within the city are eligible for a one-time subsidy of 300,000 yuan for doctoral degree holders, 100,000 yuan for master's degree holders, and 50,000 yuan for bachelor's degree holders. Those who work for or start a business in Shijiazhuang City's enterprises will receive a one-time settlement subsidy of 50,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, and 10,000 yuan, respectively.
3. Adopting the "talent introduction via public institution posts" policy. 3,000 public institution positions will be allocated for talent introduction. High-level talents who come to start a business or work for enterprises in Shijiazhuang may retain their positions if they have a public institution post status, and those without public institution post status may apply through the "green channel" for talent introduction and be included in the personnel management of public institutions. Urgently needed and scarce talents introduced by fully-staffed public institutions will have their public institution post status guaranteed.
4. Inspiring the innovative vitality of sci-tech expert teams. Specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products in Shijiazhuang City will be assigned with sci-tech expert teams, with an annual work subsidy of 100,000 yuan. By using a classification and quantitative evaluation method, the performance of the sci-tech expert teams will be evaluated annually. Based on the evaluation results, the top 30% of members from outside the province and within the province will receive rewards of 30,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan respectively. For collaborations that absorb the scientific and technological results transferred by sci-tech expert teams, the teams will receive a maximum subsidy of 10% based on the actual transaction amount, up to a maximum of 1 million yuan for each item.
5. Introducing national Double First-Class university resources. Focusing on the talent needs of leading industries, this initiative encourages Double First-Class universities to establish graduate schools in Shijiazhuang through providing necessary facilities and ensuring staffing, together with an annual maximum funding support of 50 million yuan.
6. Supporting talents’ settlement and their achievement transformation. High-level talents who bring technology, projects, or achievements to Shijiazhuang for industrialization will be granted a startup funds up to 30 million yuan and be given priority in obtaining additional land quotas for construction as the city provides aid and guarantees for all eligible talents and achievements. Shijiazhuang is opening up a number of application scenarios for high-level talents who have founded enterprises in the city to promote technological and product innovation, in order to accelerate the launch of new technologies and products into the market.
7. Boosting the supply chain and extending the industrial chain for high-level talent entrepreneurship. Shijiazhuang provides financial support of 5 to 50 million yuan for enterprises or projects initiated by high-level talents that play a crucial role in the supply chain of upstream and downstream key technologies, products, and application scenarios in terms of R&D investment, output value of supporting products, or investment.
8. Encouraging the development of high-end innovation platforms. National-level research institutions that fully relocate or establish branch organizations in Shijiazhuang will receive up to 100 million yuan in assistance, in addition to seeking support from provincial policies. Joint innovation institutions formed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, internationally renowned universities, and Double First-Class universities with Shijiazhuang City, will receive an annual operational fund up to 2 million yuan over a continuous 5-year period, as well as a special research fund up to 50 million yuan each year. Organizations that establish research and development centers or international joint laboratories abroad will be provided with construction funding support up to 5 million yuan.
9. Establishing a market-oriented talent attraction mechanism. The Shijiazhuang Talent Development Group will be established to provide socialized, specialized, and targeted services based on a "government + headhunting + enterprise" model. The city supports talent attraction by enterprises and headhunting agencies, and talents by offering a reward up to 1 million yuan for each full-time high-level talent introduced.
10. Strengthening support for flexible talent attraction. For high-level talents flexibly introduced by enterprises, they will be awarded a subsidy up to 30% of their remuneration, capped at 200,000 yuan per person based on their contributions, with an annual maximum subsidy up to 1 million yuan for the same enterprise. Those who sign contracts with a duration of one year or more will receive a maximum monthly work allowance up to 15,000 yuan, determined based on the number of months worked in Shijiazhuang City.
11. Empowering talent innovation and entrepreneurship through finance. Steps will be taken to establish the Technology Achievement Transformation Angel Investment Guidance Fund of 20 billion yuan to invest in seed-stage and early-stage technology-oriented start-ups based on the principles of "investing in new, early-stage, small-scale, and hard-tech enterprises". Additionally, the Talent Entrepreneurship Investment Fund of 10 billion yuan is established in stages, primarily for talent entrepreneurship investment, incubation, and transformation. Furthermore, a special talent development fund of 1 billion yuan annually is set up, mainly for research funding, subsidies, and incentives for talents.
12. Developing the "Shijiazhuang Talent Loan." This program provides knowledge property rights, equity, accounts receivable pledges, and various types of credit loans (excluding personal consumption loans) for high-level talent entrepreneurial enterprises, with a loan amount up to 100 million yuan. Commercial banks implementing the loan program will receive a reward equal to 3% of the annual new loan balance of the "Shijiazhuang Talent Loan" program, with a maximum reward of 3 million yuan per bank.
13. Setting up reward and incentive mechanism. The city sets up the "Talent Contribution Award for Prospering Shijiazhuang." This award grants up to 1 million yuan for high-level talents who have contributed significantly to economic and social development through innovation and entrepreneurship in Shijiazhuang City for more than 5 years. High-level talents brought in will have priority for being selected as "government counselors" or "government think tank consultant experts." Moreover, in the fields of the new generation of electronic information and biomedicine, high-level talents with an annual salary range of between 600,000 to 800,000 yuan will receive an 8% bonus, those with a salary of 800,000 to 1.2 million yuan will receive a 10% bonus, and those with a salary of 1.2 million yuan and above will receive a 17% bonus, capped at 500,000 yuan.
14. Ensuring settlement and housing for talents. High-level talents introduced by enterprises will be provided with free accommodation in high-end furnished expert apartments. Those renting houses will receive an annual rent subsidy up to100,000 yuan for 5 years. Those purchasing their first self-occupied commercial housing in Shijiazhuang will receive a subsidy of 30% of the contract transaction price. Additionally, for outstanding graduates with a full-time university education or above who have worked in Shijiazhuang for more than six months and require housing, they will be guaranteed timely accommodation based on a graded guarantee principle.
15. Addressing concerns for talents. High-level talents are welcomed to move to Shijiazhuang with their families. High-level talents brought in by enterprises will receive an annual living allowance up to 200,000 yuan. If their minor children study in Shijiazhuang, they can choose schools according to personal preferences. Moreover, if their spouses are willing to work in Shijiazhuang, suitable jobs will be arranged according to personal preferences. Their parents and spouses can apply for city talent green cards as supplementary cardholders and enjoy benefits such as a green channel for healthcare, free medical check-ups, and free public transport and entry to scenic spots.
Source: Hebei Daily