问候 Greetings

  • 1.您好! Hello!

    2.早上好! Good morning!

    3.下午好! Good afternoon!

    4.晚上好! Good evening!

    5.您好吗? How are you?

    6. 我很好, 谢谢。 I'm fine. Thank you.

    7. 欢迎您来石家庄。 Welcome to Shijiazhuang.

    8. 您是第一次来石家庄吗? Is it your first time here in Shijiazhuang?

    9. 请问您叫什么名字?我叫李明。 May I have your name, please? My name is Li Ming.

    10. 很高兴见到您。 Nice to meet you.

    11.我也是(很高兴见到您)。 Nice to meet you, too.

    12.您来自哪里? Where are you from?

    13.我是石家庄本地人。 I'm a native of Shijiazhuang.

    14. 祝您愉快! Have a nice day!

    15. 保重。 Take care.

    16. 再见! Good bye!

    17. 谢谢。 Thank you.

    18. 不用谢。 You're welcome.

    19. 您真是太好了。 It's very nice of you.

    20. 愿意为您效劳。 My pleasure.

    21. 对不起。 I'm sorry.

    22. 没事儿。 That's all right.

    23. 抱歉,打扰了。 Excuse me.

    24. 没关系。 It's ok.

    25. 有什么可以帮忙的吗? May I help you?


问路/乘车 Asking the way/Taking a taxi

  • 26. 请问北国商城怎么走? Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Beiguo Shopping Mall?

    27. 直走,再左拐/右拐。 Go straight, and then turn left/right.

    28. 到那儿远吗? Is it far from here?

    29. 不远,走5分钟就能到。 Not far from here, 5 minutes' walk.

    30. 是的,您最好坐出租车去。 Yes, you'd better go there by taxi.

    31. 这附近有地铁口吗? Is there a subway entrance near here?

    32. 有,在马路对面。 Yes, across the road.

    33. 请问1路公交车站在哪儿? Excuse me, where can I take No.1 bus?

    34. 对不起,我不清楚。 Sorry, I don't know.

    35. 我陪您过去吧。 I will go with you.

    36. 请问您要去哪里? Where are you going,please?

    37. 我要去火车站/机场。 I am going to the railway station/airport.

    38. 您车里有导航吗? Is there a navigation system in your car?

    39. 我们到了。 Here we are.

购物 Shopping

  • 40. 您想买点什么? What do you want to buy?

    41. 我想买衣服/裤子。 I want to buy clothes/trousers.

    42. 这个怎么样? How about this?

    43. 我能试试吗? May I have a try?

    44. 当然可以。 Sure.

    45. 您要多大码的? What size do you want?

    46. 多少钱? How much is it?

    47. 打折吗? Is there a discount?

    48. 不讲价/打八折。 No/20% off.

    49. 我买这个。 I will buy this.

    50. 可以刷卡吗? Can I pay by credit card?

    51. 可以用支付宝/微信吗? Can I pay by Alipay/Wechat?

    52. 可以。 Yes.

    53. 不好意思,我们只收现金。 Sorry, we only accept cash.

    54. 请保管好发票。 Please keep the invoice well.

就餐 Dining

  • 55. 欢迎光临! Welcome!

    56. 请进! Come in, please!

    57. 请坐! Sit down, please!

    58. 您想喝点什么? What do you want to drink?

    59. 喝茶就行了。 Tea, please.

    60. 请问这里有WiFi吗? Excuse me, is there WiFi here?

    61. 是的,有WiFi。 Yes, there is.

    62. 您现在要点餐吗? Would you like to order now?

    63. 您这里有什么特色菜吗? Do you have any special dishes here?

    64. 您点什么饮料? What would you like to drink?

    65. 您要什么主食? What kind of staple food do you want?

    66. 您点的菜上齐了,请慢用。 The dishes you ordered have been served, please enjoy yourself.

    67. 请问您还有其他需要吗? Anything else, please?

    68. 请问洗手间在哪里? Where is the washroom, please?

    69. 在那边。 It's over there.

    70. 干杯。 Cheers.

    71. 您想吃饺子吗? Would you like to eat dumplings?

    72. 请吃点水果。 Please have some fruits.

    73. 结账。 Bill, please.

    74. 这是找您的钱。 Here is your change.

    75. 欢迎您再次光临! Welcome you here next time!

就医 Hospital

  • 76. 您哪里不舒服? What's wrong with you?

    77. 我发烧了。 I have a fever.

    78. 我给您做检查。 I will give you examinations.

    79. 请脱下外套。 Please take off your coat.

    80. 深呼吸。 Take a deep breath.

    81. 让我看看您的舌头。 Show me your tongue.

    82. 请量一下体温。 Please check your temperature.

    83. 您的体温是38度,低烧。 Your temperature is 38℃,low fever.

    84. 请量一下血压。 I'll take your blood pressure.

    85. 您的血压正常。 Your blood pressure is normal.

    86. 您需要打针。 You need an injection.

    87. 请先缴费,再做抽血化验。 Please pay the fee first and then do the blood test.

    88. 收费处在1楼。 The cashier office is on the first floor.

    89. 这是您的化验单。 Here is your laboratory sheet.

    90. 您有炎症,我给您开药。 You have an inflammation. I'll prescribe for you.

    91. 结果正常。 The test result is normal.

    92. 药房在一楼东/西侧。 The pharmacy is on the east/ west side of the first floor.

    93. 这是您的药。一天三次,饭后吃。 Here's your medicine. Take it three times a day after meals.

游览 Touring

  • 94. 这是石家庄电视塔/正定古城墙。 This is the Shijiazhuang TV Tower / Zhengding ancient city wall.

    95. 好美。 Very beautiful.

    96. 能跟您合影吗? Can I take a photo with you?

    97. 能帮我拍照吗? Can you take a picture for me?

    98. 请看这里,一二三。 Look here, three, two, one.

    99. 门票多少钱? How much is the admission ticket?

    100. 门票免费/门票30元。 The admission is free/CNY 30.